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Added 11.14.2016

Dear future nurses, I would like to recommend this great course and share my experience in attaining my goal-become RN!!! Wow , I GOT IT!!!
Incredibly pleased and want to express my gratitude to the company Career Improvement Consulting Inc. and personally Irene for the provision of professional support at all stages of the process, for the high level of knowledge of the business and individual approach, thank you so much.
As a single mother, working full time plus overtime and so on in our busy life..just never will be able to achieve my dream.
These wonderful people have help me in this, never sparing there time and energy to be a simple question, proper paperwork, future employment, advice. Special thanks to Irene for her inexhaustible optimism, kindness and faith in me.
I wish this great company further development and prosperity!! Future RN’s , all the best in your preparation, training and passing exam! HERE YOU WILL GET IT!!!!

Tatiana Isaeva, New Jersey

Added 06.25.2016

Great course!
It is a great resource for the NCLEX-RN preparation! Very nice content easy to study and memorize! Includes nclex-style practice questions. Overall it is a wonderful tool for studying!!! I want to thank Irene for the assistance and huge help in the very complicated evaluation process I couldn’t done it without her help!
I highly recommend this course!

Natalya V Frenkel, Moscow, Russia

Added 03.25.2014

I found on the internet when I was looking for NCLEX-RN review classes and I chose it because of astonishing video courses, and after calling in and speaking with Irene I knew right away that I’m in the right place. Here I was studying for three months and PASSED THE TEST with flying colors! I want to thank Irene for all her hard work and huge help with all necessary applications, forms and other paperwork. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge on all aspects of the process state-by-state. If you are looking for NCLEX review classes I highly recommend you CICNURSE. I urge anyone seeking to enter the US with the purpose of being a nurse in the US – and passing the NCLEX and landing that “dream job” to look into CICNURSE. Thank you!!!

Allison Verda, Spain

Added 01.14.2014

Wow!!! I’ve passed the exam on the first try!!! I want to express my gratitude to CICNURSE and especially to Irene for amazing, unique and wonderfull courses that helped me greately to become a Registered Nurse. Special thanks to Irina for her exceptional knowledge and assistance in the entire proccess. Thank you very much!!!

Mary Gordon, NJ

Added 01.17.2013

Dear Irene and Andrei, I write this to express my sincerest thanks for all your efforts on my behalf in a difficult process of diploma validation. It was a pleasure to work with you and, I must confess, you have made a very satisfied client. I will recommend your services to those with needs similar to mine. Wishing you great success in all your future endeavors, Gratefully,

Maria Tyubina, FL, mtyubina(at)

Added 05.06.2012

My huge appreciation to Irene and Andre. Glory to God and Destiny, I found CICNURSE at the right moment. Before I called them first time, I knew from the people how difficult is to go through all evaluation processes for international students. I must say that this company have absolute professionalism and major experience. Irene and Andre will take care of you like a child from first step in your individual case and soon you will be able to say: “I’m a RN”! Every time you call them with any questions and concerns, these friendly people have right answer! With CICNURSE I received permission for NCLEX so quickly! Special thanks for online NCLEX review course and questions. Excellent information. Very knowledgeable and helpful with all coverage themes and topics, what you need for NCLEX. I passed the test on the first time! I’m RN and so-o-o happy!!! Thank you so much, Irene and Andre, for your high professionalism, your big hearts and kindness! God bless you. My best wishes from bottom of my heart!

Anatoly Much, USA

Added 01.02.2012

I want to thank the CICNurse for the huge help in achieving my goal of becoming an RN. Special thanks to Andrey and Irina for everything! With their guidance of step by step instructions, it is possible for every international nurse to make her/his dream to come true. The best wishes to CICNurse!

Khalida Saidova, GA, khalida_saidova(at)

Added 11.29.2011

Indeed success!

Rawan Albitar, Amman (Jordan)

Added 10.10.2011

Thank you for your Frequently Asked NCLEX Questions page. So much good information. I was so happy to learn that I don’t need to take CGFNS test to get my RN license. I’m so happy!!!!!!!!

Pia Salazar, Philippines

Added 09.16.2011

these guys are really serious!!! referred my friend to their online NCLEX prep and got the referral bonus… couldn’t belive it – REAL CHECK NO GIMMICKS 🙂

Terry C, PA

Added 08.30.2011

This class rocks! Took it for 4 months and passed right away.

BTW, nice job with my resume.


Added 06.25.2011

Taking the cicnurse NCLEX class now…. I wish I had professors like this in college…

Ana Martinez, CA

Added 05.17.2011

Wow, I was so amazed. I called in with about a million questions and you guys answered them all! I kinda expected a sales pitch but you gave me so much great and useful information about all my licensing options…
You’re a wealth of knowledge, I really appreciate it.

I’m graduating in a couple of days and will definitely take your NCLEX review.

Melissa, NC

Added 4.26.2011

I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steven S, NY

Added 03.11.2011

GREAT CLASS! Thanks guys.

Erin, NY

Added 02.22.2011

My friend take class 3 yeas ago and recommend me. Irene and Andrei explain everything and did all my papers and I just study for NCLEX and I passed on first time! They doing my NJ license now. Thank you.

Svetlana, NJ,

Added 02.06.2011

I wasn’t sure about the online review at first. So many out there so hard to choose… Free previews helped alot. Studying very hard now – my test is in 2 months.
Whish me luck 🙂

Steven S, NY

Added 12.15.2010

Thanks for all your guidance and support. I was lost with all that paperwork and regulations, but you took care of all that suff and let me concentrate on preping for the NCLEX. Everything worked out just like you said it would. Thanks a million… my first paycheck comes this week!