Unconditional NCLEX Guarantee No Questions Asked

Your NCLEX success is guaranteed!

To qualify for our NCLEX guarantee you need to:

  • Be a graduate of US, Canada or International nursing program and planning to take NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN test
  • Complete our 6-months NCLEX Review program

We guarantee that when you complete our full 6-months NCLEX Review course you will successfully pass NCLEX exam from the first time. If you are not successful, simply send us a copy of your NCLEX Candidate Performance Report by e-mail, fax or mail and you will be able to repeat the complete NCLEX review for the full term without any delays.

NCLEX guarantees are not all equal and you should read the small print carefully before you sign up.

There are no “tricks”, “conditions” or “runaround” with our guarantee, and we do not discriminate against international nurses:

  • Our guarantee is not limited to just graduates of an NLN or CCNE or even US-accredited nursing program.
    We treat all nurses equally. Regardless of your country of origin or your school’s accreditation, if you are eligible for nursing license in the US, you are eligible for our NCLEX guarantee.
  • You are eligible for our guarantee even if you graduated from a nursing program more than 6 months ago or if you have taken NCLEX test before and was not successfull.
  • We do not impose 20- or 30-day deadline to claim your guarantee.
  • There is no need to return anything in the “original condition”, or show proof of attendance of all classes.
    It’s quite impossible to return things in the “original condition”; and taking all classes is in your best interest.

We understand that you have enough to deal with and you do not want to find out after the fact that you are not eligible for any guarantee because of some made up deadlines, or frivolous restrictions, or simply because you did not graduate in the USA.

Our NCLEX guarantee is simple and we have no small print.

RN & LPN Licensing, Nursing Applications, CGFNS Applications & Services

All 50 states have different requirements and restrictions. For example, some states limit how much time applicants have to pass NCLEX test, or how many times they can take the test.

Our personnel has vast experience with every type of nursing application and detailed knowledge of how reviewing and licensing process works. Our services are designed to fit your needs. We can advise you on how to get your RN or PN license without having to deal with unnecessary restrictions, fill out correct forms, or manage the whole application process from start to finish, making sure that your applications are processed timely and properly. Here are just some of the things we do:

  • Applications for RN and PN license to all 50 states
  • Help you avoid having to take mandatory refresher classes if you previously failed NCLEX
  • CGFNS Credential Verification Service for New York State (foreign nurses)
  • CGFNS Visa Screen Application (foreign nurses)
  • CGFNS Credentials Evaluation Service (foreign nurses)
  • Avoid taking CGFNS Qualifying Exam (foreign nurses)
  • Get RN license without taking English language tests (foreign nurses)
  • RN and PN Endorsement Licensure

Nursing Resume

Send the details of your educational and employment history to our resume writers and we will prepare your nursing resume in the shortest possible time.

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